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I originally placed this unit around the time of our state test. I thought this would be a great time to focus on argument as they will be expected to complete an argumentative writing piece for their standardized test. It would be good practice for them so they have an understanding of what to write when they take it.

However, I think this unit would be best towards the beginning of the year. Since I am mentioning different types of argument throughout the unit, it would be best to give them a general understanding as the year begins. This will help with the various writing pieces they will work on from September: Document Based Question Essays, research papers, literary analysis, etc. I think the best way to approach argument around testing time is focusing on argument as on-demand writing. By differentiating between the two, students will see that there is a difference between writing for a test and writing for real life demands.

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Introduction To Argument Continued

Unit 14: Argument Writing
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Objective: SWBAT apply an understanding of argument to its various forms, literature and research based.

Big Idea: Is it an argument or just informing?

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