Reflection: Essay Writing On-Demand Writing - Section 2: Students Engage In A Timed- Writing Assignment


Not surprisingly, most students were not able to complete an entire essay in the time given. About a fourth only wrote one paragraph. This is not a real problem. It was the first time they were expected to do this in my class. For many, it is the very first time in their education they have been expected to finish an essay in less than an hour. They will have more opportunities to practice. One thing many of them were able to do is follow the structure I asked them to, which was to use the intro paragraph to explain the quote and state their position and to focus on explaining their position and providing evidence in the body paragraphs, and it worked well. Also, they all made an effort to provide at least one specific example and to discuss how the example supports their position. These three student papers were some of the most promising. Not one is a complete essay, but I was very happy to be reading an actual argument and not a summary. I particularly enjoyed the first student’s discussion of how his remembering about his brother’s wish to drive a Mercedes illustrates the importance of paying attention to details. The Common Core highlights the importance of engaging students in a variety of writing tasks on a regular basis and I absolutely understand that need. 

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On-Demand Writing

Unit 14: A Short Writing Unit
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: SWBAT complete their first timed-writing assignment by making use of a variety of resources I provide for them.

Big Idea: They’re not ready to produce an essay on demand, but we have to start somewhere.

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