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In the video of the kids naming the teen quantities, they jumped ahead and were stating numbers (e.g. 14) based on the expected pattern of counting. Notice I stopped them and asked if they had seen 14 yet. The stopped and then stated 13 again because that's what was on the screen. I did this for a specific reason:

If the students become accustomed to naming quantities based on rote counting, they begin to focus more on guessing than actually attending to the quantities they actually see. That encourages "sloppy math" and needs to be stopped before it becomes a pattern of behavior.

After we review the quantities in order, I then show the same quantities in random order. This is a critical step in mathematical practice, one that students need to do as frequently as it can be worked in to the day.

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Dog Gone Good 16-19

Unit 4: Learning Numbers 11-19
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT create, say and record quantities and numbers of 11 to 16 by filling in 10-frame dogs with two-color counters and crayons.

Big Idea: You're a dog trainer today!! It's time to train Spot how to spot and name the quantities of 11 to 16 in some dog gone good 10-frame template! Time to get the dog biscuits ready!

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