Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Learning About Mr. Lincoln's Way with Text Dependent Questions - Section 2: Reading Mr. Lincoln's Story


So, I let partners work together ALL the time to answer or to strengthen answers to questions. Today when I let them work together, I heard the most amazing conversations.  I heard one group saying, "You don't have an answer from your head."  Another person said, "You're missing text evidence."  This is so exciting because we've been doing this all year and I've been saying it all year and THEY FINALLY ARE GETTING IT!!!!

I love it when something finally sinks in and it comes from the students in their conversations with each other.  I haven't graded the questions yet, but I can't wait to see the changes they made.  I already know we're getting closer based on what I've heard today!!!

  Reflection: They're Doing It!!
  Intrinsic Motivation: Reflection: They're Doing It!!
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Learning About Mr. Lincoln's Way with Text Dependent Questions

Unit 22: Living Mr. Lincoln's Way: Creating Public Service Announcements
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Objective: SWBAT answer text dependent questions after reading and discussing a fictional text.

Big Idea: Successful answering of text dependent questions shows a deep understanding of any text.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Nonfiction (Reading), Patricia Polacco, Mr. Lincoln's Way, text dependent questions
  65 minutes
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