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I have learned that when my assignments require both group work and a product for presentation, my students are seldom able to complete them within one class session.  I have also learned, however, that an over-planned teacher is a happy teacher, for students with nothing to do makes for often unpleasant circumstances. 

Plus, there is almost always a tomorrow in the classroom.  When my students are genuinely engaged in an assignment, which may slow down a lesson's progression, I firmly believe in providing them time to explore an assignment to its potential.  Rushing them encourages poor production, and even a potential loss of faith in the assignment.  

In today's lesson, I noticed overall commitment to the process of identifying and soundly supporting a theme in chapter four, as well as a dedication to creating a visual product for which my students could be proud.  Thus, the presentation portion had to be pushed into the following class session.

  Allowing More Time To Do The Assignment Justice
  Lesson Planning: Allowing More Time To Do The Assignment Justice
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Focus on Theme

Unit 8: Of Mice and Men Part II
Lesson 1 of 9

Objective: SWBAT analyze the events of chapter four in Of Mice and Men to determine what themes are most evident.

Big Idea: Loneliness may be most obvious, but what else will students discover in chapter four?

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