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It can be tough to find mentor texts, articles, etc. to use in the classroom, especially with the Common Core just starting to take effect. We want articles that match the objectives in the Common Core, but also will appeal to our students. It proved to be a little tricky for me to find articles that covered the argument objectives of the Common Core that also would appeal to my students, but I was able to find this speech.

It can be time-consuming searching Google, magazines, databases, for articles. One trick that I found that works is if I narrow my search terms. Instead of searching argument article I searched speeches and that helped. Usually when I can narrow down my search options I can have easier access. Searching by topics, rather than my genre, helps. In this case, I searched speeches rather than argument.

This was the first time I used this article in class and I was rather excited about it. It's a topic I care about, books, and I was hoping my students would enjoy the article. While it may not be a high interest compared to current event topics, I think it allows students to think about their own relationship with books.

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Introduction To Argument

Unit 14: Argument Writing
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: SWBAT learn and understand the basics (reasoning, counterargument, and sources) of argument writing.

Big Idea: Argument: it's not just who yells the loudest.

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