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I was very worried that this review would not go so well at all! After a week off, the students were not very awake.  However, they did fantastic! They were able to recall much more information that I had thought and did a fantastic job sharing.   By sharing their own thoughts and having to listen and then read the thoughts of others, it instantly helped them recall most of the information we learned. 

I was also very pleased with the conversation the students were having with one another during this process.  They were able to expand on what their peers were saying and even had the chance to practice polite conversation and accountable talk.  

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Conflict in Drama

Unit 7: Unit 5 Drama
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT to analyze the structure of a drama to identify conflict and how conflict is created and used to develop the plot.

Big Idea: Students read how one man's conflict is helped with a little magic.

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English / Language Arts, dramatic structure, drama
  60 minutes
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