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I have mixed grammar lessons into the reading curriculum throughout the year . I think that working on grammar in the context of units of reading comprehension strategies allows me to use the author's examples to teach proper grammar. Research supports this instruction as well. I have found that well planned out curriculum (thinking about the strategies and choosing stories) with grammar units embedded into the lessons allow me to create a more integrated curriculum for my students in which they learn grammar, writing and reading strategies simultaneously and can practice skill within the lessons instead of teaching each area independently.

A fellow master teacher gave me the idea of putting up sheets of paper with the grammar idea after I finished a lesson. For example, I taught a lesson called Break It-Use Syllables in Writing and then put up sheet that the students add words when they use the skill in any context. I can use the students who write words on the page as models and continually reinforce this grammar rule. In this lesson, I also noticed a student needed to use a grammar skills and I reinforced the idea of dividing a word between syllables.

I have several of these pages, including 'using apostrophes', 'using quotation marks', 'compound words' and 'using a - to break a word at the end of a line' put up in the room. I encourage you to use this simple, but powerful idea.

  Student Led Inquiry: generalizing a grammar skill
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Whose Fault Was It? Infer the Cause and Effect!

Unit 13: Inference-What Do You Already Know and How Does the Text Help You?
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: SWBAT look at story structure to make inferences about cause and effect.

Big Idea: So many problems! Can you infer what REALLY happened?

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, 2nd Grade, characters, inference, cause and effect, evidence, schema
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