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In thinking about diverse entry points, I approached the Claims and Evidence unit in three different ways. First, I'm using The Fourth Stall to teach using claims and evidence to support a literary analysis of a text. But, I considered that the students needed practice with Claims and Evidence before getting to that big chunk. 

So, first I thought they should practice on smaller articles. The first one I gave them was about Polar Bear populations and Global Warming. Because so many students in my state have an opinion (probably shared by their parents) about this topic, it was an engaging entry point. It made me think that I could find other 6th-grade-worthy arguments and have them not necessarily agree or disagree with the argument, but rather identify the claims presented and evaluate the evidence.

Lastly, I gave them fictional mysteries in order to locate the evidence to support the claim of who committed the crime. I think that these combined are diverse entry points for the Unit, and that at least one will support understanding with my kids!

  6th grade Myths Debunked
  Diverse Entry Points: 6th grade Myths Debunked
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Claims, Evidence, and Crust?

Unit 13: Changes in Self-Perception: Part 2
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT: read an article and make a claim about the nutritional value of the crust of the bread.

Big Idea: It might be fun to debunk your Mother's plea, or was she right all along?

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