Reflection: Data Analysis Order of Operations - Section 4: Closure and Ticket to Go


I collected the tickets to go to see what the degree to which students can use the order of operations and what gaps in understanding they had.  I corrected the tickets to go and grouped them in the following way:

Novice:  These students struggled to use the correct order of operations.  There were only a few students from each class in this category.  A common problem was that students simply worked from left to right, without using the order of operations.  For example, in number three this particular student subtracted 15 – 4 before multiplying by three.  This student is also switching operations (multiplying instead of dividing).  Unit 1.11 Student work N.jpg.

Approaching Mastery:  These students were able to correctly use the order of operations but make a small error.  This particular student incorrectly simplified four squared as 4 x 2, or 8.  I will review the meaning of exponents in the next lesson.  Unit 1.11 Student Work AM.jpeg.

Proficient: These students were able to correctly use the order of operations.  They were able to complete the problems step by step and show their work.  Unit 1.11 Student Work P.jpeg.

For this situation, I did not include an “advanced” category because the content did not require students to explain or analyze their work.   Most students were able use the order of operations, but made a careless mistake while simplifying the expressions.  For the few students who were novices, I will be pulling them to work with me on the review lesson before the test on order of operations.  

  Data Analysis: New Reflection
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Order of Operations

Unit 1: Intro to 6th Grade Math & Number Characteristics
Lesson 11 of 16

Objective: SWBAT: • Use OOO to simplify numerical expressions

Big Idea: Students apply their knowledge of the order of operations to simplify numerical expressions for a second day.

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