Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Hi-Tech Fractions - Section 2: Concept Development


You can see a students' example of their doceri project below. 


This was an exciting and fast paced lesson, however the level of student engagement in this lesson was OVER THE TOP amazing.  I was reminded today how relevant and important creating and building is for my students and the 21st century learner.  My students rose to the occasion and tackled this challenge head on and truly persevered.  This was an excellent lesson to get my students talking to each other about math and make conjectures. 

One thing I would change about this lesson is to make sure that all ipads were synced to an email account prior to the lesson, as well as making sure all ipads were updated.  A few of the ipads were not updated and therefore did not have the capability to send the finished project to my youtube account. 

When my students left this lesson, I was beaming ear to ear, so proud of them and the knowledge they gained.  The information and the game from yesterdays lesson carried through to today's activity and students were able to further their understanding of finding fractions of whole numbers in real world contexts. 

  Technology a HUGE Success
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Technology a HUGE Success
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Hi-Tech Fractions

Unit 5: Operations with Fractions
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT find fractions of whole numbers or find the fractional part of a set.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students work with a partner and an Ipad app to present solutions and strategies to a fun and engaging fraction word problem.

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Math, modeling, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, cooperative learning, conceptual understanding, techno, ipad
  55 minutes
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