Reflection: Lesson Planning A Wrap on Logarithmic dB's and An Extension to Logarithmic Properties - Section 1: Share Out/Presentations from dB’s Activity


One modification that I tried to this lesson that worked really well was that I utilized Poll Everywhere to gather student responses as they entered the classroom.  As you can see, the students had some very creative comparisons that they looked up!  Although many of them are rather goofy, they do promote great discussion and help to provide closure to our introduction of logarithms prior to diving even deeper into the content.  Having all of the dB comparisons (along with their relative intensities compared to another sound) was extremely beneficial when explaining the logarithmic nature of a decibel.  I would encourage you to try this method of share-out when you are concerned about time issues and/or you want to give the students a visual of the class results.  

  Lesson Planning: Using a Poll Everywhere to Share Responses
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A Wrap on Logarithmic dB's and An Extension to Logarithmic Properties

Unit 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
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Objective: Students will share out their findings from the logarithmic study of sound, as well as discover, analyze, and prove logarithmic properties.

Big Idea: This lesson, motivated by previous exploration and experimentation, empowers the students to explore mathematical proof involving exponentiation and logarithms

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Math, Algebra, 11th Grade
  45 minutes
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