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One improvement that I made to this lesson this year is that I asked my students if any of them had an amplifier that we could use in class for a day.  I had a student step-up and offer one for the lesson, and I followed up his offer with a call home to his parents to make sure that they would allow him to bring it to school.  I also wanted to clarify what we were actually using if for in math class - they were probably wondering what it the world we were doing!

As it turned out the amplifier not only helped to take our decibel levels up around 95-100, which is louder than most CD players and "Boom Boxes", but it also created a lot of student interest and discussion.  This small act reinforced to me that when you allow the students to contribute to the lesson, it not only improves the experience, but it also helps to generate a lot of discussion and energy around the mathematics!  (I had multiple students comparing their "amps" to the one that my student brought in.... and they were using mathematics to do it!)    

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Exponentials and Logarithms: LOUD and CLEAR!

Unit 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
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Objective: This lesson will allow the students the opportunity to investigate a real life application of logarithms. Students will be asked to present a portion of their findings to the class on the following day. A brief scaffolding workshop on engaging oral communication might be appropriate, and can be found as an optional addition to this lesson plan. It is important to teach students to communicate mathematics confidently, and in a way that is audience appropriate. Look for sample student presentations when I reflect on this activity in the future! These videos could also make great teaching tools for your students.

Big Idea: This engaging lesson allows the students to apply logarithms to the real world! After finishing the study, students will think twice before playing their music too loud!

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Math, Algebra, Algebra II, master teacher project, Cornerstone Lesson, 11th Grade
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