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After playing Math Battleship several times over the last few years, I only recently made a positive adjustment to the activity.  

As a teacher, I love the 1-1 support that I can offer students throughout the game.  I also love the competitive nature of the game, and how the students really get into the challenge of sinking the other person's ships.  However, I have always HATED the amount of time that it takes to get set up, and how many different copies of paper the students have to have in front of them (a "My Shots" sheet, a "My Fleet" sheet, and a scrap sheet for work).

To alleviate that paper clutter, I started copying the "My Shots" sheet and "My Fleet" sheet as back to back copies.  At first, I thought it would be inconvenient for the students to have to flip back and forth between the new two-sided page.  However, the students actually liked this much better because it made for a lot less paper on their desk at one time.  

A small adjustment to my practice that really helped to make things more efficient!

  A Tactical Switch!
  Lesson Planning: A Tactical Switch!
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An "Exponentially" Rewarding Battle!

Unit 2: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 5 of 21

Objective: The last several lessons have thrown a lot of conceptual-level exponential properties and functions at the students. This lesson, however, will strive to give the students a more focused opportunity to review the mathematical properties and strategies that we have covered in the unit so far. The day also concludes with a short checkpoint quiz, which assesses student growth and current areas of weakness.

Big Idea: This lesson serves as a “Battleship” review of real number exponents (both irrational and rational) as well as solving exponential equations. Students engage in battle while trying to sink a partner’s fleet of answers!

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