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I like warm-ups which build student confidence; they need to feel good about learning, especially at the start of the hour when I'm trying to get them engaged for the whole lesson. This warm-up in particular was effective because it built on their entire middle school English experience. I know for a fact that their middle school English classes focused on teaching the different genres, and it was nice for me (and for the students) to see that they remembered. Plus, it validates that early learning because, wow, it came up again!

Of course, this connection was made possible because I am familiar with our middle school curriculum (along with the rest of the English curriculum K-12). I believe it is vital for teachers to know what experiences their students have had prior to arriving in class; it's an important piece to the puzzle of learning for each of our students. I'm very grateful that I teach in a district which encourages and makes time for K-12 collaboration by subject area; it's valuable professional development that every teacher can request.

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Analyzing Choices in Text Structure

Unit 3: Text Structure and Language Use in Literature
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: SWBAT make predictions regarding the ending of their books by considering genre norms.

Big Idea: Endings matter--how do authors choose story resolutions?

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Literary Response and Analysis, text structure, resolution, prediction, Genre
  45 minutes
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