Reflection: Essay Writing Creating an Argument: the Structure of Claims and Evidence - Section 2: Applying Knowledge: Writing an Argument


These essays are amazing. I am so proud of the effort they put into their argument!  This essay called Winning is a powerful example of this particular student's ability to develop as a writer. He is an English language learner. In order to create credibility, he incorporates Spanish successfully into the essay. Winning with voice over gives some insight into how he presents and supports his claim.

  Essay Writing: Proud of the Quality of Work
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Creating an Argument: the Structure of Claims and Evidence

Unit 8: Introduction to Rhetorical Precis: Combining Objective Summaries with Analysis
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write an argumentative essay by developing and incorporating claims and secondary claims that are supported by textual evidence.

Big Idea: What's your claim and the extremes of your claim? What the best resolution to your argument? Let's write!

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English / Language Arts, Rhetorical Appeals, Rhetorical Precis
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