Reflection: Student Ownership Score Presentation and Search - Section 3: Analyzing and Scoring Rubrics


     Students were videotaped during the last lesson on presenting knowledge.  Now, they conduct a self-assessment as they view their oral presentation, using a self-assessment rubric.  As shown in the  Student Self-Assessment Sample, students rated themselves similar to how I would have rated them. So, there exist some inter-rater reliability, even if it is only in our classroom.  Their scoring was pretty accurate.

     The success and ease students completed their self-assessment was a result of detailed modeling.  Demonstrating how to complete the self-assessment rubric and role playing with students ways to use the rubric qualitatively facilitated this process.  Students learn best by example  So, walking them through this process prior to independent practice is necessary.  Also, the rubric is very descriptive.  Students relied on the descriptions or qualitative information for each score to describe their performance in detail.  The rubric kept the self-assessment discussions focused on specific skills.

  Student Ownership: Self-Assessment
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Score Presentation and Search

Unit 11: FINDS Research
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT critique presentations using set scale or rubric.

Big Idea: How do students use criteria to evaluate the effectiveness of processes and the quality of final products?

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