Reflection: Relevance Fraction Jeopardy - Section 2: Concept development


The use of an interactive cooperative game in order for students to practice procedural fluency with fraction concepts went well today.  One of the strongest aspects of this strategy is that students are having fun during this game, and practicing math.  My students just got back today from a week long spring break, so I knew that keeping them engaged and active was a must for this lesson to be successful. I also wanted to provide students with a fun and meaningful way to practice fraction concepts.  One thing I would change if I were to do this lesson again would be the category of "simplest form" in the jeopardy game.  While my students seemed to grasp the concept and the usefulness of simplifing fractions like 12/24 to 1/2, the concept of simplifying fractions is not a CCSS skill or requirment for fourth grade.  In the future, I would change this category to adding and subtracting mixed numbers in order for students to gain procedural fluency in a fourth grade common core requirement.

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Fraction Jeopardy

Unit 5: Operations with Fractions
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: SWBAT review fraction concepts through a fun interactive group game.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students play a jeopardy game using a smart board, to review important fraction concepts. Students will complete a fraction assessment in the near future, so this is an important lesson for me to gauge students' abilities and skills.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, ordering fractions, improper fractions, cooperative learning, Games, partner learning, whiteboarding, checks for understanding, procedural fluency, comparing fractions
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