Reflection: Shared Expectations Evaluating Purpose and Rhetorical Appeals in a Documentary Film - Section 3: Watching: Youssou N'Dour I Bring What I Love


It was always the plan for my students to watch this movie. However, I did set up my lessons so the movie would fall on a day I had to go to a district training.  Yuck. I gave my students the heads up that I would be gone and they were going to watch a movie.  

I try to set the expectation that students work to the best of their ability regardless of who is in the room.  Sometimes sophomores disappoint me and themselves.  The majority of the class just wrote some stuff down and turned it in.  They didn't really take the time to process the film and thoughtfully answer the questions and/or write their precis or response paragraph.  

I have a choice, give them bad grades and move on or reteach the concepts and remind the students that they need to meet the expectations of the class. 

I don't want to punish with grades. Grades should be earned and reflect the students' best efforts.  I won't accept work of this quality, so I really only have one choice. 

Reteaching it is.  I hope you enjoy the next lesson. 

  Sub--show a movie!
  Shared Expectations: Sub--show a movie!
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Evaluating Purpose and Rhetorical Appeals in a Documentary Film

Unit 8: Introduction to Rhetorical Precis: Combining Objective Summaries with Analysis
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT evaluate the author's purpose and use of rhetorical appeals by writing a rhetorical analysis of a documentary film.

Big Idea: It's not just a Film. It's a documentary! "Youssou N'Dour I Bring What I Love" Students analyze the filmmaker's purpose and how she uses rhetorical appeals.

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English / Language Arts, Rhetorical Appeals, Rhetorical Precis
  90 minutes
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