Reflection: Standards Alignment Speed-date Revision - Section 2: Speed-date Revision


W.11-12.5 asks for revision, among other writing steps, for purpose and audience. While I may not include this language directly in the lesson, each lesson in this unit--each focus area for students, from tone to media--relates to audience and purpose. Students know they must use these skills intentionally, and so, I do not include it here. However, if I did do so, it would likely strengthen their revisions--it's a step I'll need to add in the future.

  The Importance of Many Revisions
  Standards Alignment: The Importance of Many Revisions
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Speed-date Revision

Unit 9: Expository Writing
Lesson 20 of 21

Objective: SWBAT give and receive feedback on their essays by setting revision dates.

Big Idea: Ready, set, date! Give and get essay feedback in a fun, timed activity.

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