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At this point in the year, students are familiar with identifying story elements. They were able to incorporate the newly-learned concept of a trick with ease. However, they still need practice speaking clearly which is why I included it on the rubric. My students are not very confident with their English language skills when speaking in formal settings. They speak freely in casual conversations, but struggle with academic conversations. Because of this, they are often nervous and shy. This causes them to mumble and repeat the same phrases. The more they practice and critique others using the checklist, the stronger their oral language skills become.

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Recount a Story - A Trickster Tale (Day 3)

Unit 15: Tell Me a Story
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: SWBAT recount trickster folktales from diverse cultures by identifying the characters, setting, problem, trick, and plot.

Big Idea: Students read about crafty characters who solve problems by tricking their adversaries.

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