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Recently, when the eighth-grade science teacher at my school learned that I was teaching Of Mice and Men, he told me that he has never forgotten that it was that book that taught him the word pugnacious.  He even shared the memory with our students.

On a separate vocabulary note, the eighth-grade math teacher often checks in with me, to see what vocabulary words are posted for the week on the whiteboard, so that she can use them with our students. The eighth-grade history teacher does the same, and so our students are hard-pressed not to hear the new words they are learning.

This type of cross-curricular reinforcement of vocabulary developed spontaneously and organically at my school, and I will admit that I am especially fortunate to work with an amazing team of eighth-grade teachers.  It is a practice, however, that I believe can be easily incorporated between teachers of a shared student population, and with relatively little effort, even if just between English and history teachers.  

Presenting this united vocabulary front to our students has led them on more than one occasion to tell me that "Ms. __ used zenith today!", or some such exclamation.  It is no secret to education that teacher modeling is an effective means of instruction, and I am absolutely witnessing this happen with student vocabulary development at my school.

  A Testament To Vocabulary Development
  Modeling: A Testament To Vocabulary Development
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Vocabulary Twelve Review

Unit 7: Of Mice and Men Part I
Lesson 8 of 8

Objective: SWBAT participate in a whole-group guided review and activity of the week's vocabulary words.

Big Idea: Continuing to build students' academic vocabulary.

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