Reflection: Pacing Horton's Egg Gets Cracked - Section 1: Hook


The timing for passing the egg around and then making our guesses took longer than I thought it would.  I am fortunate to have an hour and a half literacy block, so I have some flexibility if I run long.  I went ahead and took the time, because the children were really engaged and thoughtful.  One of my favorite inferences made by a student, is that he thought the egg contained a toy police car because he saw the red and blue light flashing.  The children were delighted in finding out that there was candy in the bag because it is something that I don't usually allow in class, and they could enjoy their treats while I read the story.

  Pacing: What's Hatching?
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Horton's Egg Gets Cracked

Unit 6: Word Work Use with Dr. Seuss
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Objective: SWBAT use their background knowledge and the clues provided by an author to understand the meaning of text. Student Objective: I can use clues to figure out the contents of a plastic egg and the egg in the story.

Big Idea: Using inference skills, children will discover that clues and questioning can help them understand the content of a story.

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