Reflection: Student Grouping Now Hear This: Creating a Public Service Announcement - Section 3: Creating Groups


I hate working with people I don't know/ like.  It is my biggest pet peeve about attending any PD session.  I want to work with the people I came with- my friends, my team.  I know that about myself and I take that into consideration when grouping my students.

Very rarely do I randomly choose groups.  I find that my students work better when they can at least work with one of their friends.  In making groups of four, sometimes I will let them choose partners and then put together the groups of four.  In this assignment, I let them choose their other pair to make four.  This is a big project, personal in nature and I want students to be able to work together peacefully and efficiently.

As far as my outliers go, I am very careful to make sure they don't feel left out.  Let's face it- it is the same kiddos that are the outliers every time for a variety of reasons.  I ALWAYS let them choose their own group after all groups are formed.  This ensures that they get their first choice even if they weren't picked by that group.  It also sends a message to the class that these students are to be included and valued as group members.  

  Reflection: Student Grouping
  Student Grouping: Reflection: Student Grouping
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Now Hear This: Creating a Public Service Announcement

Unit 22: Living Mr. Lincoln's Way: Creating Public Service Announcements
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Objective: SWBAT discuss and elaborate on the culture of their school and decide whether or not bullying is a problem and support it with facts and details.

Big Idea: Being aware of social issues and being able to discuss them with peers in an educated way is a valuable life skill.

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