Reflection: Performance Tasks Penning the Public Service Announcement Script - Section 2: Commence the Penning!!


I know so many teachers who feel uncomfortable leaving their students to work.  They feel like they're not doing their job, like they're going to get "caught", like they're not servicing their students.  These teachers end up inserting themselves into student discussion to make themselves feel comfortable and valuable.  In observing teachers who do this- even highly effective teachers- I see their students missing out on opportunities to solve their own problems, initiate their own discussions, come up with their own solutions- all the things that we, as teachers, are trying to teach them to do.

Becoming a facilitator of learning is difficult.  It's hard to let go of the control.  We must remember that in school our students are practicing to be grown ups.  We have to let them think, fail and struggle.  It's OK.  In setting up and fostering the culture of your classroom, it is important to remember that and act accordingly.  If you really feel uncomfortable, pull a small group, sit with the groups and just listen, take anecdotal records, but don't insert yourself and rob your students of chances to become effective speakers, problem solvers and advocates for themselves.  They'll thank you for it!!

  Reflection: Becoming the Facilitator
  Performance Tasks: Reflection: Becoming the Facilitator
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Penning the Public Service Announcement Script

Unit 22: Living Mr. Lincoln's Way: Creating Public Service Announcements
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT design an anti- bullying public service announcement and create a script to go with it.

Big Idea: Working with a group to successfully plan and implement a project is an important skill in life.

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