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I have a group of four students who did not show comprehension of theme on their first essay about Song of the Trees. I want them to get down theme, claim, reason, evidence and analysis before they compare texts. This group I will pull for this lesson into a small group and go over the mentor text again and a student exemplar from Song of the Trees in order for them to have a deeper understanding of how to craft a literary essay. I will have them chose the angle of theme, character or author's craft, but not compare it to another text until the third essay. 

  Students who are not ready to compare
  Rigor: Students who are not ready to compare
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Brainstorming and Organizing Our Thinking

Unit 12: Literary Essay Part Two; reading two more stories in order to craft comparative essays
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT to organize their essay by comparing Mason Dixon Memory to Song of the Tree through theme.

Big Idea: Organize your life lessons.

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