Reflection: ELL Students Coin Toss - Section 1: Exploration of Probability


My student from Japan is advanced in mathematics sand anything that is new to him in this area he picks up quickly.  Because this is a strength and he is learning the language I like to give him opportunities to show what he knows or how he does math differently.  This builds his language skills at the same time as building self-esteem.  Take a look at the video of how he tallies numbers to five.  I love telling my students one, two, three, four and close the gate - I heard it when my son was in kindergarten.  One of my students noticed Daichi was not doing this and asked him what he was doing and brought it to my attentions.  The video is how tallying to five is done in Japan. 

  ELL Students: Inclusion of ELL Students
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Coin Toss

Unit 7: Probability
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to discover and explore probability using a coin toss.

Big Idea: Uncertain of probability? Start with a coin toss!

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1280px coin toss at 2009 pro bowl
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