Reflection: Conferencing Close Reading Day 2 of Mason-Dixon Memory for the Theme of Both Plot Lines - Section 3: Independent Practice


I had group of 5 students who wrote about their upgraded theme and naturally compared Dondre and Clifton. I pulled those students today during independent work and had them compare Dondre and Clifton to a character from Song of the Trees. We worked on using their upgraded theme and see how one of the characters (most chose Papa) fit within their theme. They then completed the same compare and contrast writing as the rest of the class. 

  Pushing the thinking of my students
  Conferencing: Pushing the thinking of my students
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Close Reading Day 2 of Mason-Dixon Memory for the Theme of Both Plot Lines

Unit 12: Literary Essay Part Two; reading two more stories in order to craft comparative essays
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Objective: SWBAT think deeply about the theme by concentrating on the turning point of both of the main characters in the story.

Big Idea: Two is better than one!

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