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MUCH better :)  After grading the second round of tests, I am left with only 12 students that are not at my level of proficiency (80%).  Some common mistakes on the retest were simplifying incorrectly, or using division instead of multiplication when using a unit rate to make a prediction.  (For example, if Marie's unit rate is 4 miles per hour, how far can she run in 3 hours, a lot of kids did 4 times 1/3 instead of times 3). 

For the students that are still not proficient with the material, I plan to pull them in during our focus time in the mornings to provide them more individualized instruction.  I will allow them to retest again, (and again!) until they are able to show me that they have mastered the concept.

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Proportional Reasoning Retest - REWIND and Try Again!

Unit 2: Proportional Reasoning
Lesson 14 of 14

Objective: Students will represent proportional relationships via graphs, tables, equations, and words.

Big Idea: If at first you are not proficient, try, try again!

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