Reflection: Performance Tasks What an Animoto! - Section 4: Sharing our Animotos


English teachers are often suspicious of technology proponents who try to insert technology into every lesson.  After all, we argue, what could replace a book, a piece of paper and a pen?  

Though I do try to hook technology into my lessons, I do feel that it can often distract both the students and the teacher.  This lesson, for example, was supposed to measure the students' understanding of symbolism.  Though it was a fun lesson, and it introduced the kids to an interesting and flexible application, I am not sure that it really provided the appropriate opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge.  

Why?  Because the free version of Animoto can't make videos that are over thirty seconds long.  So, students had trouble "fitting" everything into their presentations.  While I think it's good to encourage students to make choices, I also think a 60 second video could better tell me who "got" the symbolism and who didn't.  Also, I think having to match images with quotations and concepts is a pretty sophisticated skill.  Not that I don't think some kids could get it; Clearly, they did.  But I think there were some students in the room who knew more than they could demonstrate in this particular assessment.

  Technology and a Performance Task
  Performance Tasks: Technology and a Performance Task
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What an Animoto!

Unit 4: Nature, Naturalism, and The Call of the Wild
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT draw upon their understanding of symbolism to create an Animoto presentation with quotations and pictures.

Big Idea: Pairing pictures and images helps student to connect symbols and their meanings.

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