Reflection: Joy Perimeter and Area (Are they the Same?) - Section 4: Closure


As I reflect on this lesson, I realize that students like to have fun.  This lessons allowed the students to collaborate with a partner, thus giving them the opportunity to "talk".  By hearing a classmates way of thinking, struggling students receive assistance that even the teacher may not be able to give.  Students learn from other students!  

This lesson also allowed the students to work with manipulatives.  They loved using the geometric boards to explore.  I feel that exploring to discover on their own is much better than having the teacher tell them the answer (which they may not remember).  This reminds me of asking my students in the past, as we have reviewed a skill, "Don't you remember when we learned to do this?"  A lot of the times they just look at me with a blank stare on their faces.  If I ask about this lesson next week, I'm sure that they will remember exploring with the geometric boards. 

  Learning and Having Fun!
  Joy: Learning and Having Fun!
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Perimeter and Area (Are they the Same?)

Unit 8: Measurement and Data
Lesson 4 of 15

Objective: SWBAT find the area and perimeter of rectangles and determine if they are both the same value.

Big Idea: Formulas can be used to find the area and perimeter of rectangles.

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Math, Measurement, Measurement and Methods, Area and Perimeter, geo boards
  50 minutes
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