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Today was an early release day at my school, so I had to whip right through this lesson.  The weather was great, so I sat the proficient students out on my patio to work on a performance task so that I could focus on the students who were not proficient.

There were lots of "I can't believe I did that" and "oh my god" when I passed back the tests.  Students were embarrassed that they had used subtraction to determine whether a relationship was proportional given a table rather than setting up ratios.  I also gave the students a pointer when finding the constant of proportionality given a graph, I had them draw horizontal line from any point on the graph to the y-axis, circling the number of the y-axis they ran into, and a vertical line to the x-axis, circling the number on the x-axis they got to.  By doing that, they were able to physically see that the y was over the x (because when you do that the y will always be higher on the paper than the x).  Hopefully that will help them remember y always goes on top!!

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Proportional Reasoning Remediation/Enrichment

Unit 2: Proportional Reasoning
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to represent proportional relationships via graphs, equations, tables, and words.

Big Idea: Uh-oh...scores weren't as good as you were hoping? This lesson recaps PR and gets kids ready for a retest!

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