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It is very important to have students work together to learn new skills.  By doing so, it allows the students to hear their classmates way of thinking.  In this particular lesson, my students worked together to find the perimeter of shapes.  I found that some of the students were trying to use a formula for shapes other than squares and rectangles.  It was important for the other student to jump in and correct by explaining why the formula did not work.  As I monitored the class, it allowed me to listen in on the students' discussion.  By doing this, it gave me a sense of who was understanding the skill and who was not.

  Learning Communities: Collaboration
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Unit 8: Measurement and Data
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT measure the perimeter of the shape by using a formula or counting the units around it.

Big Idea: Perimeter can be measured by using a formula or counting the units on each side of a shape.

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