Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Is 1/3 Always Equal to 1/3?: A Journal Exercise - Section 3: Wrap Up


For me, one of the greatest areas of growth in teaching the Common Core - content and Mathematical Practices - is that it is critical to assess understanding all along the way, rather than at the end of a unit or string of lessons.  

I have realized that activities, such as journaling, which prompt students to go more deeply into their understanding, helps me teach more rigorously.  When they journal, debate, struggle, make meaning, and question, I am prompted to struggle with them…always looking for a different way to model, explain, and guide. 

This lesson was an easy one to create and not so easy to teach, because there was a great divide between those that "got it" and those that didn't. Aside from small group work and extra attention, my charge is to make sure all of the students can communicate together on a topic, regardless of their current level. 

The teaching move of putting three students together to not only share their thinking, but learn from each other in order to present, is a powerful one. I am not the only teacher in the room and putting everyone in charge of teaching each other creates stronger learners in our community. 

  Assessing Previous Lessons for Application
  Diverse Entry Points: Assessing Previous Lessons for Application
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Is 1/3 Always Equal to 1/3?: A Journal Exercise

Unit 8: Comparing Fractions
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to explain why the same fraction may not equal the same proportion.

Big Idea: Applying knowledge already learned is an important step in becoming a fluent math student. This journaling exercise stretches children to use concepts previously introduced.

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Math, Fractions, Number Sense and Operations, Number lines , numerator, denominator, whole, unit fractions, math journals , Critical Area
  45 minutes
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