Reflection: Accountability Next Stop Storyboard: Planning a Public Service Announcement - Section 2: Discussing the Video


Normally when my class watches videos, I try to have some kind of viewing activity to keep them engaged and accountable.  This video is only two and a half minutes long and it has some ideas that may be hard to catch for an audience of kiddos.  This is the reason I focused on the quotes I included in this lesson section. 

I knew it would be difficult for my students to glean the information from the speakers in the video because I knew they would be totally engaged in the content.  My pulling the quotes ahead of time and discussing them with my students was in an effort to allow the students to enjoy what they were seeing for the first time and then processing and understanding what they were going to be required to do.  

Understanding one's students is so important in planning the lessons, activities and scaffolding that is necessary to help them to be successful.  

  Reflection: Watching a Video
  Accountability: Reflection: Watching a Video
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Next Stop Storyboard: Planning a Public Service Announcement

Unit 22: Living Mr. Lincoln's Way: Creating Public Service Announcements
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT represent their public service announcement in storyboard format to prepare for filming.

Big Idea: The ability to plan a project before executing the project is a valuable life skill.

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English / Language Arts, storyboarding, Writing, Nonfiction (Reading), Patricia Polacco, Public Service Announcement, Anti, Mr. Lincoln's Way
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