Reflection: Shared Expectations Workshop Time For Argument Preassessment - Section 2: Workshop Time For Collaborative Writing


Students hated part of this lesson. They did not like when I would not answer their questions. While I did not ignore them, at least not all them, I purposely told students that I would not answer them. Most of the questions regarded length, thesis statements, and questions of how certain aspects of the piece sounded. When students asked me these questions, I told them that I want to figure out how well they can do this work on their own and how they can make these decisions on their own. If they know the goal of an argument piece, and in this case prove a point about cyberbullying, I wanted to see what they can do on their own.

Many of my students want an easy answer and the way I deliver this lesson, goes against that. Hopefully by continuing this work they will be able to work on making theses decision independently. Teachers will not be with them every step of they way as they write and they need to learn how to make these decisions on their own.

  Reflection On Student Independence
  Shared Expectations: Reflection On Student Independence
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Workshop Time For Argument Preassessment

Unit 14: Argument Writing
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively to write an argument piece using claims and evidence.

Big Idea: Should schools be responsible for cyberbullying? A hot topic for writing.

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