Reflection: Unit Exams Assessment of Unit Concepts: Addition and Subtraction Story Problems - Section 3: Assessment: Addition and Subtraction Story Problems


When looking at the students work, you want to make sure that students can make sense of the action in the story by choosing the correct operation and create an accurate equation. You'll also want to note:

  • what strategies do they use?
  • do they get the right answer?
  • do they see the relationship between the numbers in the last two questions of the assessment?

The examples included show how this student used a number line to solve each task.  She also demonstrates that she understands the relationship between making 10 and making 20.  

It is important that students represent counting back from right to left to signify that they are moving down the number line when they are solving removal situations.

  Unit Exams: Looking At Student Work: Meeting the Standard
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Assessment of Unit Concepts: Addition and Subtraction Story Problems

Unit 11: The Number 10 and the Addition and Subtraction Concept
Lesson 17 of 17

Objective: SWBAT solve addition and subtraction story problems. SWBAT identify a strategy used to solve the problem and accurately record their answers.

Big Idea: Students will complete a few tasks that will allow you to assess students' abilities to solve addition and subtraction problems and identify the strategy that each student is using.

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Math, problem solving, 1st Grade Math, fact fluency, counting by 10s
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