Reflection: Checks for Understanding Finishing Song of the Trees By Thinking of Theme - Section 4: Closing


The most common mistake students make when inferring theme is they confusing theme and main idea. Main idea is usually in non-fiction (but some texts have a theme) while theme is in fictional texts (which stems from a main idea). From my exit tickets, I had 6 students write long about a main idea, not a theme. Tomorrow I will have them complete a two column chart; main idea/theme in order to understand that theme stems from a main idea. 

  Difference between theme and main idea
  Checks for Understanding: Difference between theme and main idea
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Finishing Song of the Trees By Thinking of Theme

Unit 11: Literary Essay Part One; Song the Trees
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT think deeply about Song of the Trees by thinking through theme.

Big Idea: The song through the trees is theme!

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