Reflection: Self-Talk 3rd Monday in February: Presidents Day - Section 2: Application


This was a really cool lesson to present on Presidents Day because of how unique it is.  The kids are surprised to have this kind of information put before them, because as I mentioned in the warm up, they're accustomed to "lighter presidential fare" to note the holiday. 

The lesson led to fascinating discussion and we had the opportunity to explore some subjects about our presidents that we normally wouldn't have had.  When using informational text, such as this, the kids analyze the facts and evidence of individuals or events to draw their own conclusions.

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3rd Monday in February: Presidents Day

Unit 9: Significant School Days
Lesson 9 of 14

Objective: TSWBAT analyze data as they explore the presidential rankings based on specific information in the text.

Big Idea: Top Five, Bottom Five...history -and the Gallup poll- will let you know.

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presidents racing for the top
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