Reflection: High Expectations Rhetorical Analysis: "Letter From Birmingham Jail" Day 2 - Section 3: Close Reading as a Class


Today was a much more productive discussion than yesterday, with the reading out loud and free-write probably the most important elements.  I have not frequently taught this piece, and had never read that section out loud—it is quite powerful.  It had the effect of setting a serious mood in the room, snapping the students back into an academic space.  They did a nice job of recognizing the flow of anecdotes, how each one built on the impact of the last one, and also how the syntax created a relentlessness that also contributed to the effect.  The teaching moment for me was to show students how segments of text can appeal emotionally and logically—that these stories, while eliciting strong universal emotion because he speaks as a parent, are also quite logical—who wouldn’t think that if they were in the situation?  So, I was glad I bailed out on my initial plan and focused on this passage—less was more in this case.  

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Rhetorical Analysis: "Letter From Birmingham Jail" Day 2

Unit 10: Deepening Rhetorical Analysis
Lesson 3 of 10

Objective: SWBAT recognize the rhetorical strategies used by a writer and how these strategies build on one another to influence a reader's perceptions of central ideas.

Big Idea: Writers organize words and ideas to influence the audience's views on the central idea.

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Martin Luther King Jr., English / Language Arts, organization, rhetorical strategy, rhetorical analysis, AP, close reading
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