Reflection: ELL Students There is a Journalist Inside All of Us! - Section 3: Learning Activity


I wasn't sure where this lesson would take students but wanted to keep the creative side going but in an a more individualized way so that I could gauge student levels. It went really well and gave students of all levels the opportunity to show their greatness. I cover some ideas and areas to watch in the following video 

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  ELL Students: Differentiation Value
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There is a Journalist Inside All of Us!

Unit 15: Arguing to make a point!
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT...students will read a Time For Kids magazine and choose information in an article to create a poster that persuades an audience of their viewpoint.

Big Idea: We all have opinions on issues and can use these along with facts and creativity to convince others to agree with us.

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