Reflection: Continuous Assessment 1080 Stomps and Angles in Circles - Section 3: Exit Ticket and Activity/Homework


At the end of class today, we had about 5 extra minutes so I went back to an old Do Now question and asked my students to calculate the midpoint of line segment, given two points.  I was shocked, when many of my students subtracted the two x and y values instead of adding them - ah!!  It was frustrating to know that something that we had spent so much time on, was already gone from their wonderful brains.  You can see this example of student work (the green marks are mine) - and yes, my student, Mike, whose work is shown went a little crazy with the colors:  Formulas and More Formulas

However, by continuously reviewing prior content with my students, I realized that this misconception was still taking place.  And we fixed it! We reviewed it at the end of class, and I found time to squeeze in one example after reviewing homework. 

It seems as though formulas can not be reviewed enough and for my students, this seems to be true.  I am going to go back and revisit all of our important formulas for this curriculum, like distance and slope, sooner rather than later!


  Continuous Assessment: Extra time = Review Formulas
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1080 Stomps and Angles in Circles

Unit 8: Circles
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and apply concepts of central angles to real-world problems.

Big Idea: This lesson connects snowboarding with degrees in circles and also asks students to explore angles in circles using a hands-on folding activity.

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snowboarding for 1080 stomps lesson
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