Reflection: Rules and Consequences 1080 Stomps and Angles in Circles - Section 2: Class Notes and Practice


This follow-up reflection elaborates on when strategies, like using a post-it note technique, does not work.  In today's class, Evan, used an entire pad of sticky notes describing his frustrations about our class, his peers and also, me.  Evan's behavior continued to be manageable and less disruptive, although not perfect.  You can see the collection of sticky notes here: Behavior Management Example 2.

I had another one-on-one conference with Evan, and we discussed how we can get him to express his concerns and opinions.  I suggested that instead of using all of my sticky notes, we may want to use a journal which he can have access to each class.  Further, since it did concern me that Evan had so many concerns and issues, I referred him to our school psychologist and discussed this openly with him.  He seemed interested in an opportunity to discuss his feelings. 

Also, as a follow-up for home, I told Evan that I would be contacting his mother on Friday.  At first he protested!  As it was only Tuesday, I told him that I would give her an overview of the week and his behavior, completion of work in and out of class.  Hence, Evan had a specific strategy (the journal) in place to improve his behavior.  

At the end of the week, I contacted Evan's mom and we had a great conversation where I only had positive things to say about Evan.  For the rest of the school year, I will be checking in with her on Fridays as a way to inform her of Evan's behavior and progress.

  Rules and Consequences: Follow-up to More Strategies for Disruptive Behaviors
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1080 Stomps and Angles in Circles

Unit 8: Circles
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify and apply concepts of central angles to real-world problems.

Big Idea: This lesson connects snowboarding with degrees in circles and also asks students to explore angles in circles using a hands-on folding activity.

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snowboarding for 1080 stomps lesson
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