Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Debate Day 1 - Section 3: Student Debates


One of the moments in which I knew my students were ready for the debate was when Truth (in the video) stated, "I don't think being in front of the class is a big deal, I got over it after doing the Prezi" (a text structures presentation we did as a class). That made me feel really good as a teacher, because I want to ensure my students are not traumatized by bad public speaking experiences! 

Although, we have a lot more to work on as speakers, starting with being comfortable is a great place to start!

  Readiness for debate
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Readiness for debate
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Debate Day 1

Unit 10: Engaging in Debate
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT present their point of view by participating in a debate.

Big Idea: Don't hate, debate!

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