Reflection: Rigor How does an author create a certain mood? - Section 5: Writing to Explain the Mood Jack Prelutsky Created


I really enjoyed teaching this lesson. It was much fun to watch and hear the students read the poem, "Last Night I Dreamed of Chickens." They enjoyed it very much. Some of them thought it was the silliest poem they had ever read.

To give a contrasting piece for them to analyze served to let me know if they were understanding how to identify mood. I was happy to see the words they were coming up with: craziness, silliness, anger, and exhaustion. Also, they understood how to give support for the mood they thought the author created. I feel this poem worked well because there were different interpretations to be made. Here are their different interpretations:




Another thing I liked about this activity is that it gave me the opportunity to teach the suffix of "ness," in context of their reading and their writing. For my students who are English Language Learners, this lesson helped to build their academic vocabulary.

I did find it interesting that one of my students started reading the response of the poem as if it was happening to him. And only after he read it aloud that he recognized it. We all enjoyed listening to his perspective.

  Rigor: Explaining the Mood Created By the Author
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How does an author create a certain mood?

Unit 5: Charlotte's Web: A Chapter Book Study
Lesson 4 of 27

Objective: SWBAT explain how word choice by an author creates a particular mood in a text.

Big Idea: Words impact how we feel about a text we are reading.

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