Reflection: Flexibility How Do We Convince Others of Our Beliefs? - Section 1: Creating the Purpose


I learned a lesson with this unit about over-working my students. Luckily, I realized that their attention was lessening and was able to adapt the workload from pen and paper to a group task oriented poster. So much better because of student involvement and enthusiasm. 

  adaptations to burnout
  Flexibility: Adaptations to Burnout
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How Do We Convince Others of Our Beliefs?

Unit 15: Arguing to make a point!
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT...research facts and create a poster that persuades their audience of their side on the gum chewing issue

Big Idea: Good writers can influence their audiences even if they don't agree with the issue. Advertisements give writers the visual edge to influence the masses!

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