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I was a little conflicted by student responses in this activity. I had more than a few students who truly struggled to come up with ways that showed how friends were more important than materialistic objects - most of those being video games. I had to work one-on-one with many students and walk them through this thought process. Time and time again, when I asked, ”What are some things you can do with a friend that you can’t do with a video game?” I received, “Well I usually just play video games with my friends,” as a reply.


However, I also had a large number of students who were able to write about specific times when a friend helped or comforted them in some way. They were able to show how having a friend is better than an object and I was delighted to read their responses.


While this activity turned out to be more challenging that expected, it made me even more determined to complete it so that students were forced to think about relationships with others outside of electronics.


  It's an electronic world!
  Student Feedback: It's an electronic world!
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Having a friend is better than those …

Unit 4: Getting to Know You with Literature
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT name how having a friend is better than having any materialistic object.

Big Idea: Students discuss things they really, really want. Then decide how, when compared with having a good friend, that object just isn't important.

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