Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Graphing Quadratic Functions Day 1 - Section 1: Launch


This launch worked really well because students were able to build meaning around the values of a, b, and c in a quadratic function.  Students used the graphing calculator and were able to move the sliders to instantly see the effect of changing the values of each coefficient.  When students were able to discuss their findings with their partner, it helped them to generalize what they were seeing.  

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Graphing Quadratic Functions Day 1

Unit 6: Quadratic Functions
Lesson 15 of 21

Objective: SWBAT graph a quadratic function by finding the axis of symmetry and vertex as their starting points.

Big Idea: The idea of symmetry can be used to graph quadratic functions in the coordinate plane.

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Math, Algebra, quadratic functions, Graphing (Algebra), Quadratic Equations, turning point, axis of symmetry, vertices
  40 minutes
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