Reflection: Intervention and Extension A Fraction Quilt - Section 2: Active Engagement


It is always surprising that simple lessons can be deep for students at a variety of levels of understanding. I think many teachers believe that the task has to be hard in order to elicit meaningful conversations or to be an appropriate assessment.

I found this lesson to be a good one for all levels of students in the area of fractions.  The students were able to use fractions they were comfortable with to create their design.  The lesson also allowed me to push each student to go to the next step, whether it was to use different fractional parts, naming them, adding in different ways, or even writing multiplication equations for their art. 

As I was working with and listening to students, I was able to gather information on who was still having a hard time naming fractional pieces when an object was not partitioned for them, as well as students who were seeing all the parts as fractional pieces of the whole, even when the unit fractions weren't the same. 

Remember, simple and engaging can still be thought provoking for the students, and informative for the teacher. 

  Good For One, Good For All
  Intervention and Extension: Good For One, Good For All
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A Fraction Quilt

Unit 8: Comparing Fractions
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: Students will be able to add unequal fractions to create a whole.

Big Idea: ART! Fractions and art are a perfect pair. Check this lesson out for a review of fractional partitions making a whole.

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