Reflection: Student Ownership Introduction to Persuasion - Section 3: Review


     This is our first attempt at persuading an audience.  Their idea of persuasion is still at a raw stage.  Students' attempts at persuasion, at this early stage, is having long winded argument against the claim without direction.  Students also attempt to argue a claim by trying to solve the problem, as evident in their Logos explanation.  Many strategies have yet come into play, so student arguments are vague and simplistic at this time.  Once we are further along into the unit, students will learn how to apply more complex methods of supporting claims and persuading others. 

  Student Ownership: Art of Persuasion
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Introduction to Persuasion

Unit 10: Persuasive Techniques
Lesson 1 of 7

Objective: SWBAT make a claim and support it using persuasive technique.

Big Idea: How do you persuade someone to see it your way ? Students analyze a variety of methods convince others to believe their claim on a topic.

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English / Language Arts, persuasive techniques, argument (Composition), logos, pathos, ethos, big names, researh
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